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Zinc Nickel Impressive Test Results

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New Zinc Nickel Rack Line

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General Dynamics Preferred Vendor Approval

General Dyanmics quality department has completed an exhaustive...


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BFG Trucking Services: Why Truck when so many rely on Common Carrier?  In a word Service! The word is in our name and we provide great service to manufacurers in part because of our trucking.  We have 11 trucks and cover a large area with this service.  All of our trucks return each day full of product to be coated and we can begin processing immediately.  This gives us at least a two day turnaround advantage on any product sent via common carrier.  We don't do it because its easy for us we do it to reduce your inventory needs, your cost, and make your job easier by making one call to BFG.  That way you know you will have the parts picked up processed and delivered without worry.  You can also track the entire process on BFG's site including our What's on the Truck Screen, showing todays delivery of your parts with quantities and part numbers.  No call needed you know it will be there today.

Call us to get more information on how we can add this service to your coating needs.