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Zinc Nickel Impressive Test Results

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New Zinc Nickel Rack Line

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General Dynamics Preferred Vendor Approval

General Dyanmics quality department has completed an exhaustive...


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BFG processes support Fabrication shops wanting to provide complete service including blasting and painting.  We comply with manufacturing specifications and maintain approvals for these services.  See descriptions of our surface preparation capabilites below. 

Process: Surface blasting using alumna oxide is provided.  This is commonly used to remove mill scale, surface corrosion, paint, weld scales and prep surfaces for improved phosphate coating and paint coating adhesion.

Blasting: Rotary table, blast cabinet and blast room capabilites with sizes to 50 ft x 24 ft x 12 ft are provided at our Punxsutawney facility. 

Vibratory Finishing

BFG has vibratory finishing utilizing media to improve surface finishes.  The process will deburr, remove rust and surface contamination, add radius to parts, clean, brighten, and descale.