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Trivalent Chromates

ROHS compliance is everyday plating at BFG.   In 1998 BFG set out to change from older hexavalent chromates to new environmentally friendly trivalent chromates.  Industry specifications like ROHS & Reach were calling not only for the change in chromate but also for improvement in performance.  As an established, trusted source for quality plating services, our goal was to offer the most cost-effective process to meet the new requirements.  We not only met the requirements we exceeded them.

BFG now offers the following trivalent chromate options. 

Blue-Bright- blue bright, trivalent chromate

Black Chromate- a trivalent black chromate conversion coating for zinc that provides 120 hours to white corrosion, when used in conjunction with a sealer.

High Salt Spray Clear - a high performance, trivalent passivate that can provide over 100 hours of corrosion resistance to white salts per ASTM B 117 to electroplated zinc.

Yellow Chromate - a single dip trivalent yellow chromate.

Sealers-sealers that are compliant to ROHS help extend salt spray performance and are available over all of the trivalent chromates.

Aluminum Chromate Chem Film

Commonly known as Alodine and Chemical Film Chromating on Aluminum is provided that is RoHS, WEEE and ELV compliant in a trivalent chomium conversion coating.  Our chemistry meets MIL-C-5541E.  This coating provides corrosion resistance to Aluminum products and is a good replacement for anodizing where abrasion resistnace is not needed.  It is used to improve corrosion resistance and paint adhesion on subsequently painted parts.

With BFG's ability to provide impregnation, chromate, ecoat and paint we have the unique capability to provide one stop finishing on the most complex aluminum coating problems.