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BFG provides Dri-loc, Dri-Seal and Anti Seize Products

BFG can apply thread sealant to any part that has a thread. BFG has the ability to construct specific thread sealant equipment to meet your application. Therefore, BFG can provide this service to all types of industries such as automotive, gas, oil, water and many more.


  • Vibration resistance for equipment reliability
  • Dry-to-touch coating improves ease of handling
  • Ease of automation enables faster assembly
  • Meets automotive OEM quality & technical specifications
  • Any fastener becomes self-locking/self sealing
  • Reduced component costs and assembly time
  • Water based and environmentally friendly
  • Brightly colored for easy inspection and identification
  • Long storage life
  • Removable grades if required.


Dri-Loc is an adhesive that provides excellent resistance to vibration loosening on any threaded fastener, including nuts. The adhesive is activated during assembly and cures to form a tough polymer that eliminates movement between the threads and provides a total seal.

Dri-Seal/Vibra Seal

Used to permanently seal tapered and parallel threads, providing an instant seal, preventing leakage and allowing disassembly.

Anti-Seize Products

Pre-applied high -temperature, anti galling, thread lubricants that are dry-to-the- touch. For use in applications such as exhaust manifold bolts, catalytic converters and oven screws.