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BFG offers our customers a cathodic epoxy coating that is not only cost effective but also provides excellent corrosion protection. BFG began offering Electrocoat in 2004. We installed a line that is capable of doing parts up to 20' in length, 10' deep and 3' wide. With PPG's help BFG engineers worked to put in our state of the art Electrocoat system. This system has a 12 stage pretreatment cycle with zinc phosphate, the highest performance package available. This ensures that our customers parts are prepared for the electrocoating process and can meet all automotive and industry standards.  For more on the PPG products in use at BFG click here.

Performance Advantages:

  • Offers excellent corrosion protection over sharp edges. Conventional coatings tend to flow away from sharp edges, leaving little or no film build on the edge resulting in a potential site for corrosion. BFG Electrocoat has a consistent film thickness on edges due to the incorporation of a unique polymer that controls flow characteristics.
  • Superior corrosion resistance without the use of heavy metals. Epoxy Electrocoat is capable of corrosion protection in excess of 1000 salt spray hours.
  • BFG's Electrocoat is formulated for a wide window of topcoat compatibility. Our PPG supplied Electrocoat has better adhesive properties than many other primers.
  • Excellent throwpower of BFG's Electrocoating results in total part coverage, regardless of part complexity. Improved throwpower allows for uniform film thickness over every area of the part.
  • Electrocoated product has excellent chip resistance. A potential site for corrosion occurs when coatings chip down to bar metal. Reduced chipping relates to fewer potential corrosion sites. Large Parts Capability - Can handle parts as large as 20' x 10' x 3'.

The Electrocoat Mark

BFG is a member of the Electrocoat Association, which provides education and support for the electrocoating industry. Look for the Ecoat Mark to be sure you are getting the best performing coating available.  The image will link you to the Ecoat Association Web Site.