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Zinc Nickel Impressive Test Results

Performance testing for our Zinc Nickel Plating process was recently performed and has yielded fantastic results.  To help a customer solve corrosion resistance problems on anti lock brake parts, BFG had an independent lab run a full spectrum of tests.  The tests included chip resistance to SAE J400-12, plating adhesion per WSS-M1P85-B1-B5 3.9.1 and WSS-M21P42-A1-A3 2/04 3.3, cyclic corrosion per CETP 00.00-I-467 200903, water resistance per FLTM BI 104-01 (03), fluid resistance WSS-M21P42-A1 A3 2/04, and salt spray results yielding 2000 hour with no red corrosion.

These results are available for your use in solving difficult problems.  The process opens the door for improvements in coating performance where Geomet and similar finishes have been in use and in most cases at a reduced cost.  The finish tests were performed on a difficult Powdered Metal substrate, one of BFG's specialties.