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-MIL-STD 16232 Type Z

BFG provides phosphate coatings for a wide range of applications with unique capabilities for Military coatings, vehicle manufacturers and oil and gas field phosphate requirements. Over that time we have continued to update our processes with the latest technologies. Our process lines cover a wide range of part sizes from small parts in automated barrel processing to very large 20 ft by 9 ft by 3 ft assemblies processed in an overhead hoist line.  Our lab testing, documentation and controls provide the most demanding customers their required documentation.

Below are examples of our most requested coatings.

Heavy Zinc Phosphate Coating

Heavy Zinc Phosphate conversion coatings are used primarily for their ability to retain rust preventative oils and waxes, thus providing maximum corrosion protection and extended service life of the coated components. The heavy Zinc coatings can meet the coating requirements of MIL-DTL-16232 Type Z. Our lighter coatings are compliant with TT-C-490 E.  We can also achieve different coating weights ranging from 150 mg/ft2 to 3000 mg/ft2. 

Manganese Phosphate Coatings

Manganese Phosphate coatings are most commonly chosen for their break-in wear resistant properties. The Manganese phosphate coating not only prevents metal to metal contact between moving parts, it also has excellent oil retentive properties for both lubricity and corrosion protection. Typical coating weights achieved are 1500 + mg/ft2. This manganese phosphate coating meets the coating requirements for MIL-DTL-16232 Type M

Calcium Modified Zinc Phosphate Coatings

Calcium Modified Zinc Phosphate coatings are typically used as a base for paint, rubber bonding, corrosion protection or break-in lubrication. This coating forms a smooth, uniform, crystal structure. The typical coating weights for this process range from 150-1100 mg/ft2.

Iron Phosphate Coatings

Iron phosphate coatings are an amorphous conversion coating for steel, galvanized, and aluminum surfaces. The Iron Phosphate coating acts to enhance the adhesion properties of paint or powder coat. Iron phosphate coating weights can range from 25-100 mg/ft2