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BFG has added 2 new Natural Gas powered Trucks to our Fleet.

BFG strives to continuously improve. That goal includes how we impact on the environment.
We are proud to announce that BFG has just added 2 duel fuel trucks. They run a combination of diesel and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).
Using natural gas to run our Alternative Fuel Trucks is the cleanest technology available--cleaner than burning diesel (up to23% lower Greenhouse Gases), and there is an abundant supply in North America, which reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Natural gas is a renewable energy LFG (landfill gas).
With this change BFG hopes to cut our CO2 emissions by 18% per truck. We also hope to cut our diesel fuel usage by over 20,000 gallons a year. Overall we will be able to reduce BFG's carbon footprint while maintaining a competitive price to deliver our customers' product.